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[香港品牌 EBELT] EBM 124M 光面牛皮皮帶 / 正裝皮帶 Cow Split Leather Dress Belt 3.3 cm

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我們採用光面牛皮來製作此款日用皮帶,取其經濟實惠的好處。 光面牛皮是一種用有機合成材料貼膜在牛皮表面的真皮,皮的裏層是牛皮。光明牛皮表面平滑光亮,沒有天然頭層牛皮的雜紋或傷疤花痕,適合日常使用。 由於皮面使用合成材料,日久使用會產生老化,表層會缺乏彈性而產生乾裂的情況。 我們的客人一般都會使用1-2年就更換一條皮帶。產品款式簡約,適合日常上班或上學用。 扣頭可自行除出,並自行改短帶身。


This belt is made from Cow PATENT Split Leather. Patent split leather is a kind of thin polymer coating on real leather giving a nice surface leather. This type of leather is resistant to moisture and dirt. It is easy to clean. However, the surface polymer will get aged and become less durable over a period of time. Our customers usually replace a new strap in 1 - 2 years time. It is an economy belt for daily use. Our design on this belt is "back to basic". Everything is simple and therefore it always keeps a place in the trend.

This belt comes with an alloy satin nickel buckle. And it is replaceable by very easy steps. The belt length can be cut to fit your size.

Product Specification 產品資料

  • Width 寬度: 3.3cm (+/- 0.1cm)
  • Thickness 厚度: 3.5mm (+/- 0.2mm)
  • Number of Prong Holes 皮帶孔數量 : 5
  • Last prong hole to end 皮帶孔至尾長度: 10cm +/- 2cm


Measurement Method 量度方法


Care Instruction 使用說明