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[香港品牌 EBELT] WM 129 頭層軟牛皮真皮銀包皮夾錢包(有内頁)Full Grain Cow Napa Leather Wallet

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我們的銀包外層和内格都是用頭層牛軟皮做的。 紙幣格更配上耐用的豬猄皮,比一般的不織布裏更耐用並且特別高貴。 銀包的款式以簡約實用為本,不論潮流如何變化,都不會過時。

This wallet is made from full grain cow Napa leather both outside and inside. It is soft, durable and adorable. Our design on this wallet is "back to basic". Everything is simple and therefore it always keeps a place in the trend.

Napa leather or just napa is the general name for soft smooth leather from hides of different animals(aniline leather, semi aniline leather). It is a full grain smooth leather.

Napa leather was originally only the name for glove and clothing leather, named after the Napa Valley, California, USA. This leather was known for its particular smooth and supple softness. (Source: Leather-Dictionary)

Leather Inside! 内格牛皮!

We use Pig Leather to make the inner compartment. Unlike the one with non woven material, there is no worry to break or puncture the inner compartment over time.


Product Specification 產品資料

  • Length 長 : 12.0cm (+/- 0.2cm)
  • Height 高 : 10 cm (+/- 0.2cm)
  • Number card slot 卡位 : 15
  • Number of Photo slot: 相位 : 1
  • Number of Notes compartment 紙幣位: 2
  • Number of Coins compartment 散銀位: 0

Care Instruction 使用說明