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Fjallraven【狐狸袋】Greenland Wax Travel Pack 跣水蠟 79030

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Product description 產品簡介

Fjallraven【狐狸袋】的 Greenland系列產品, 於G-1000的用料上,塗上這款蠟,可增強抗水性,更有信心於戶外挑戰。  此產品採用天然物料製,可用於背囊上。

Wax impregnation for clothes made from G-1000 fabric. Handy travel pack that is easy to take with you in case you need to reinforce your clothing's water resistance when you are out trekking. Rub on and melt in to get a water-resistant and hardwearing surface. Made from high-quality paraffin and beeswax making Greenland Wax an environmentally friendlier alternative to chemical-based impregnation.

Article number: F79030
Family: Greenland
Activity: Everyday Outdoor

Product features 產品特點

  • Greenland wax made from paraffin and beeswax.
  • The impregnation used in all Fjällräven G-1000 products.
  • The wax will over time be worn and the product will loose some of its functionality.
  • We recommend that you re-wax your product regularly.
  • 20 g travel pack.


Material 材質

Material: paraffine, beeswax
Legal notice: Contains non-textile elements of animal origin.


Technical details 產品規格

Weight: 20 g